WinLine POS

Electronic cash register system for Austria

In Austria, companies are required to have a cash register and provide receipts. The WinLine POS AT meets the legal requirements of the Federal Tax Code (BAO).

Every entrepreneur is obliged to electronically record all transactions if they exceed an annual turnover of 15,000 euros or a cash turnover of 7,500 euros. Credit cards, debit cards and vouchers also flow into the cash transactions.

In addition, each entrepreneur must prepare a receipt for cash payments and hand it over to the buyer (obligation to provide receipts).

It is also mandatory to save the data in a way that is tamper-proof. That means that every change must be traceable. Documents / cancellations must therefore not be able to be deleted.

WinLine POS systems

Supplement for users of the WinLine ACC2

All you need is the additional tool WinLine POS AT (for Austria) and our electronic cash register system is available to you.

Stand-alone POS system

Our cash register system WinLine ACC2 POS AT (for Austria) can be used on a stand-alone basis, i.e., can be operated independently of the WinLine ACC2 module. It is the ideal solution for new customers or for existing users who do not use WinLine ACC2.

Overview of modules and functions

  Solutions for WL ACC2 existing customers Stand-alone solution Expansion modules
Functions POS AT ACC2 POS AT POS Net / ACC2 POS Net ACC2 POS Pro
Standard functions:        
Single-user / multi-user operation    
Cash register entry dashboard    
Tile management    
Article management    
Customer management    
User / cashier management    
Separate menu item "Cash invoice"    
Target calculation - input and printing    
Down payment invoices    
Parking receipt    
QR code printed on form    
Cash receipt / issue postings    
Keeping the cash book    
Daily closing    
Cash reports    
Access from mobile devices    
Connection of common hardware devices    
DEP data collection protocol    
Activation of the chip card reader (signature)    
Expansion of the chip card function (signature) for multi-user applications (chip server)      
Chip card for any number of input stations (PCs)      
Expansion functions:        
Access to warehouse statistics in WL ACC2      
Access to holdings in WL ACC2      
Access to documents in WL ACC2