WinLine mobile

Mobile Apps for WinLine

Mobile working is increasingly important in modern business. Mobile access to data improves company agility and offers more flexibility.  WinLine is optimally positioned for use both in a local network environment as well as in a mobile setting. 

Access to WinLine data proceeds with per app or simply with a web browser. Data is displayed in a mode appropriate for the accessing device. All actions in the mobile WinLine are processed in real time, resulting in complete sychronization with the backend WinLine at all times. 

Selected Features

Access your company data 24-7-365 from anywhere in the world. Using WinLine mobile you will work more efficiently on your mobile device. 

Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

Main Features in Overview

Access to 

  • GL and Customer/Vendor Accounts
  • Products
  • Contacts, sales reps, projects
  • Company calendar

Data Entry

  • Sales documents, appointments
  • Online signatures
  • Claims and service ordering
  • Upload of photos
  • Product scanning with bar/QR code, insertion to sales document
  • Sales call reports, service reports, etc.
  • Customized workflows


  • Sales turnover lists, Sales statistics, open item lists
  • Pending offers, service orders
  • To-Do lists

Further Functions

  • Electronic entry of sales document signatures
  • Push messaging for appointments, service order processing, etc.
  • GPS localization 

Technical Information

  • Operating system for PCs: Microsoft Windows
  • Operating system for mobile devices: Android, iOS, Windows mobile
  • mobile devices, e.g., tablet, phablet, smartphone, netbook, touch-screen, laptop



WinLine Add-On Modules