Seamless working time recording with the mesonic WinLine SMART TIME module

Obligation to record working time

In Austria as well as in Germany, employers are obliged to systematically record the total working time of their employees. By using the integrated time recording system WinLine SMART TIME you fulfil this obligation.

The situation in Germany and Austria

In May 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that employers in EU member states are obliged to systematically record and document the daily working hours of their employees. In addition, a confirmation of the recorded working hours by the employees is required. This represents a significant change from the current provisions in Austria and Germany.

While the Austrian Working Hours Act (ArbZG) required employers to record hours worked even before the ECJ ruling, this was not the case in Germany. According to the German Working Hours Act, only overtime and Sunday work had to be documented so far, but not the entire working time. This is now changing!

In its landmark ruling (1ABR 22/21) of 13 Sept. 2022, the Federal Labour Court (BAG) also obliged employers in Germany to introduce a system for recording the full hours worked by employees. The BAG's requirement has no implementation period, which means that the recording of working time must take place immediately, even if the legislator has not yet implemented this in a law.


Time recording with WinLine SMART TIME

WinLine SMART TIME, the integrated time recording system in WinLine, is a tool that supports you in your working time recording and verification obligations. Here you can seamlessly record the working hours of your employees and ensure that all times (working hours, overtime, breaks, holiday times, sick days, absences, etc.) are correctly recorded - whether at work, at mobile work or in the home office - and that the confirmation of the employees required by the ECJ ruling is documented.

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What does the BAG ruling mean in concrete terms for employers and employees?
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