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Evaluations in the WinLine are convincing

„With the many years of experience of the mesonic partner S&S, we have mastered this challenging project. We always felt that we were well looked after and understood. Now we look forward to tackling the next tasks together.“

Patrick Vogel, managing director

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What is Vogel Bürotechnik particularly enthusiastic about the WinLine?

The flexible data evaluation options that the WinLine already offers as standard are a real highlight for the company. The option to export almost any evaluation to Microsoft Excel is particularly appreciated.

The automation of administrative tasks and the possibility of mobile working also ensure greater flexibility and faster action.

Monitor, Tablet und Handy mit dem WinLine Programm
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Klaus Vogel Bürotechnik GmbH
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S&S Software und Service GmbH
D-63165 Mühlheim am Main