WinLine 11 is here!

Satisfy your curiousity and take a discovery tour right now.


Why WinLine 11?

In the last few weeks in particular, the home office has grown in importance. And although many employees have returned to the offices, the "digital work" has remained. Virtual teamwork with WinLine SHARE or WinLine SMART VIDEO, working time recording - especially in times of short-time work! - or the electronic approval of invoices are still big topics

That's why WinLine 11!

We support your current needs for enhanced digitalization, particularly for home office requirements with the new version WinLine 11.

Get to know all the new modules that are available for the first time in WinLine version 11. They can all be taken out for a test ride free of charge until September 30, 2020.

Let's go, WinLine 11 is waiting for you!

WinLine VOUCHER PRO and WinLine BI
WinLine CRM / WinLine mobile

The WinLine VOUCHER PRO module ensures quick, automated recording and processing of incoming invoices. The processing sequence can be set up on a company-specific basis.

Our WinLine BI module has not only been given a new look with WinLine version 11, but also offers a multitude of new functions that offer you even more options for data output and analysis.

In addition to WinLine CRM, the WinLine mobile sports a redesigned graphic user interface. The layout is designed with the latest HTML technology, thus gaining further clarity and user-friendliness.


WinLine SMART Modules

The WinLine SMART modules are designed to be used either from desktop PCs or mobile devices. The WinLine SMART user license offers access to individual SMART module functions for employees who otherwise do not require access to the full WinLine ERP and CRM system.