WinLine ASSET 

Asset management

You can manage your entire fixed asset park in WinLine ASSET. The module offers a maximum of flexibility for investment planning, liquidity planning and acquisition planning. 

You see exactly which financial resources have flown into an asset and the useful life that is to be expected. This allows you to plan financial resources for eventual asset replacement. 

Asset valuation can be performed based on tax-based rules, commercial rules, or implicit depreciation methods. Standard lists and reports leave nearly no reporting wish unfulfilled. 

Using the WinLine ASSET you have your financial and fixed asset planning firmly in hand. You see exactly which financial resources are tied up in an asset and the asset's remaining useful life. This lets you plan your cash resources effectively for eventual asset replacement.

The WinLine ASSET contains a comprehensive set of reports including the asset register, asset sales, asset disposals, asset write-ups and vaious other reports including multiple year comparisons. 

The WinLine ANBU offers an entire scope of options on reporting fixed asset values, including write-ups, partial write-ups, retroactive activations, disposals and write-downs, and sub-assets. Residual values can also be assigned as well as various kinds of depreciation methods. 

Various kinds of depreciation methods are supported for asset valuations. You can choose the desired depreciation method for each asset and decide whether asset valuation is calculated on a tax-based, commercial or implicit basis. 

Main Features

The WinLine ASSET module offers a high degree of flexibility through the following features: 

  • Full integration with WinLine ACC1 and WinLine COST 
  • Various kinds of depreciation methods
  • Precise reports and lists
  • Complete overview of fixed assets
  • Monitoring of actual fixed asset value history
  • Dependable planning for future investments
  • Effective investment controlling
  • Fulfillment of required tax reporting requirements
  • Simplified inventory counts