Industry & partner solutions

The industry and partner solutions were developed by our mesonic specialist trade partners for specific customer requirements in addition to our WinLine programs. Here you will find the solution for your requirements.

Selection of industry solutions

  • Machine / plant construction
  • Plastics technology
  • Metal processing

Selection of WinLine add-on solutions from mesonic partners

Solutions for the WinLine ACC2

Logistics & shipping

  • Connection to DHL business customer portal & EasyLog
  • Connection to DPD DELIsprint, UPS Worldship, GLS
  • Connection to Postlabel-Center (Austria)

Barcodes, labels, etc.

  • Label issuance & printing
  • Barcodes / QR code printing on forms
  • Conversion of strings into barcodes


  • Data exchange EDI-/EDIFACT

Sanction lists

  • EU sanctions list comparison

Shop solutions & e-commerce

  • Webshop connection: Magento, xt:commerce, Gambio
  • Connection to Amazon and eBay

Time / material tracking

  • Mobile, project-related time and material recording
  • Interface project time recording primaerp

Warehouse & inventory

  • Mobile warehouse management
  • Stock valuation according to the reference date
  • Multiple storage space management with barcode capture
  • Storage: storage strategies, PDA, mobile recording
  • Scanning of goods movements, inventory, warehouse data

Further tools for the WinLine ACC2

  • Service management for customer and field service
  • Graphical order calendar
  • Integrated management of external catalog items
  • Import of orders from ISS (Move IT)
  • Material certificate management / 3.1 B certificates
  • Annual waste balance report to the federal government (Austria)

Solutions for WinLine ACC1, ASSET and COST

Booking record transfer to / from WinLine ACC1

  • Data transfer to Schleupen cs: plus
  • Data transfer to Addison tse: net
  • Post PayPal account statement in WinLine
  • Interface WinLine - BMD
  • Cash booking transfer from Lexware to the WinLine

Further tools for WinLine ACC1 / ASSET / COST

  • Automatic import of foreign currency rates
  • Automatic system generation in the WinLine
  • Calculation of exchange rate differences for foreign currency accounts
  • Periodic transfer of permanent records

Connection to DATEV

  • DATEV connection to WinLine ACC1
  • DATEV evaluations
  • Data transfer from tax advisor -> WinLine
  • Data transfer WinLine -> tax advisor

Solutions for the WinLine PPS

  • BDE connection
  • Mobile production control

Cross-module solutions

  • Checking the VAT ID numbers
  • Route planning based on the WinLine personal accounts
  • Invoice handover to factoring bank
  • Update of foreign currency rates

Would you like more information about the individual solutions?

Your mesonic reselling partner will be happy to help you or contact us directly with your questions.