Management in Mauerbach

mesonic - the path to success

mesonic was founded in 1978. The headquarters are still located in the idyllic Mauerbach near Vienna today. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company expanded with a German branch. More than 100 employees look after our customers all over the world.

Like many successful companies, mesonic started small. Entry into the market began with a financial accounting program. With the increasing demands of our users, the expansion into other industries and new markets, our software solutions have grown over time into a complete solution for companies of all sizes, industries and countries.

Then as now, our programs stem from our own development. In this way we guarantee the seamless interaction of all program parts and the smooth process flow across all applications. A philosophy that mesonic remains true to.

mesonic timetable

Schlosspark Mauerbach

mesonic datenverarbeitung gmbh

Herzog-Friedrich-Platz 1
3001 Mauerbach/Wien
Founded: 1978

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mesonic Germany

mesonic software gmbh

Hirschberger Straße 18
27383 Scheeßel
Founded: 1985

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Executive director

Executive director

  • Dr. Georg Michael Kaes
  • Dr. Georg Alexander Kaes
  • Dr. Gerald Schnabl
  • Hans-Walter Siegmund
  • Patrick Siegmund
  • Gabriele Antony
digital days at the in-house exhibition 2018

Business area

  • Development of software programs for business administration, logistics and production (ERP, CRM, PPS)

mesonic in numbers

  • ~ 100 employees
  • 280 authorized sales and service partners
  • ~65.000 installations
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  • Further development and maintenance of our programs
  • Seminars and workshops for retail partners and customers
  • Support or takeover of the project implementation at the customer
  • Support services (telephone hotline, online help desk, remote maintenance)