mesonic Academy

Continuing education and certification are more and more the primary success factor in professional and economic life. We at mesonic support you with professional training.

We train the operation and handling of our mesonic WinLine programs in product-specific training seminars, in which you learn in a practical environment all the important processes, functions and handling tips for efficient usage of the WinLine software package.

Select below your preferred form of training from the following options: “Seminars & Workshops”, “Webinars” and “Learning Videos”.


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Gerald Schnabl

Training variants

Seminars & workshops

Training takes place on site at the mesonic seminar center. Come and experience training free from the usual daily distractions of your usual working environment, 


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mesonic Webinar

Training variants


Training on a remote basis, providing savings in time and money. Experience our webinars on the Internet.


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mesonic dducational videos

Training variants

Educational videos

Choose our learning videos and learn at your own pace and schedule. Perfect for continuing edudation and training. Our training videos are supplied via download link. 


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