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We support our users wherever  and whenever possible. That is why customer-friendly service is essential for us. This entails constant software maintenance and adjustment to legal regulations and norms, as well as integration of new functions, constantly improving the user experience of our solutions for you.

Constant communication and feedback between our users, our reselling partners and our support team provides the basis for a truly practically oriented business software.

Further development

Constant further development

Our programs are continuously evolving. In doing so, we always take into account the latest technologies, open up new or expanded options for you and ensure the best possible convenience in handling. We offer various software maintenance contract plans to ensure that you obtain the maximum in benefit from each regularly scheduled software update,

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1. mesonic software maintenance plan

The mesonic software maintenance contract includes all program updates (e.g. due to legal changes or general service extensions).

2. mesonic Premium Care

In addition to the software maintenance plan, premium maintenance also includes these services:

  • Telephone support (Hotline)
  • Guaranteed response time of 12 hours in standard cases
  • Fixed contact person
  • Support inquiries via the Internet including outside of the hotline hours
  • Remote support via TeamViewer

The mesonic SupportNet

mesonic SupportNet is a help desk service that you can use to communicate with us over the Internet.

This platform is used both for the transmission of information (knowledge database) and for communication with our support staff (processing of support inquiries). Here you will find answers to your questions about using our programs.

Please note that we can only offer our SupportNet services to registered users.


mesonic Online-Support

mesonic online support

Many support requests can be most efficiently processed and resolved in an online remote session, in which the support employee can directly observe the software issue live in the customer installation. 

Using this avenue, you can start our online support and give the support employee the specified session number and password. This allows them to connect directly to your workplace, review your issue and work towards finding a solution in cooperation with your users.

As part of the WinLine Premium Care plan, mesonic online support is free of charge. In all other cases, the billing takes place in the same way as the telephone support (€ 20 excl. VAT per 10 minutes or part thereof).

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