WinLine GUVE

Voucher management

With the voucher management you can manage both value and material vouchers that you create in the WinLine very clearly. It provides you with information about,

  • which vouchers were sold
  • which vouchers sold are still open
  • which vouchers sold have already been redeemed
  • which invoices were created on the basis of a redeemed voucher.

A voucher is issued in the receipt entry of the WinLine ACC2 or in the WinLine POS AT module. The voucher is redeemed via the voucher management. A selection can be made here via voucher number and creation date. Vouchers that have already been redeemed can also be selected. The associated invoices are then also visible for these.

If vouchers are not redeemed for their full value, you have the option of deciding whether the difference will be paid out or whether the remaining value will be transferred to a new voucher.

The legally prescribed tax due date is taken into account both when issuing and redeeming non-cash vouchers and vouchers.

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