WinLine BI 

Report Management

Our WinLine BI tools support you in gathering, preparing and displaying your company data. Use BI for systematic analysis of data from many areas of the WinLine ERP suite, e.g., order entry/invoicing, accounting, cost accounting, asset management, project management, HR, and data contained in user-defined lists. BI reports give you information for making strategic business decisions in a timely manner. 

The integrated Data Assistent guides you through step-by-step when setting up reports containing large amounts of data. BI reports can be easily and attractively displayed with WinLine Power Report in a WinLine Cockpit. 

Example WinLine Power Report

WinLine BI - Power Report

Areas of Application 

  • Sales and marketing analysis  
  • Finance management and controlling  
  • Budgeting and planning  
  • Price calculation 
  • Profitability analysis 
  • Quality control
  • Project controlling
  • Employee cost control

BI Module Variants

WinLine BI offers countless analysis and visualisation options for your company data. Choose your preferred module variant between the two versions WinLine BI BUSINESS and WinLine BI CORPORATE.

Reports on sales turnover, documents,  and sales reps

Reports on accounting posting journal data

Reports on cost types, cost centers, and cost objectives
Reports on budgets (Target/Actual)
Reports on fixed assets
Reports on project data (documents and budgets)
Reports on employee costs
Reports on user-defined lists from the WinLine LIST module
Numerous graphical display modes (with Power Report)
Insertion of Power Report widgets in Cockpits
Online Data access (WinLine MULTI)
Annotations: individualized flagging properties in BI reports (remarks, status icon, etc.) 
Data Source Management
Reporting across multiple databases  
Import and Export of data sources  
Extra filter selection options   
Automated updating of data sources  
Automated updating of Power Report Widgets in the Cockpit  
WinLine ACTION SERVER for periodic report generation/updating  
Automatic Alerts   
Status Icons - color-coding by defined threshold limits in report  
Aggregation of multiple columns to one column (bracketing)  
Customized report design  
In-House Reporting   Add-on
Graphical display of linked WinLine objects   Add-on