WinLine PPS 

Production Planning and Control

Manufacturing companies need effective production planning and control systems. WinLine PPS offers the IT tools you need to manage your manufacturing processes.

Use the WinLine PPS system to manage your production planning and control processes. Take advantage of streamlined manufacturing processes, keep tabs on deadlines and capacities, calculate optimal stock levels, and plan with efficient utilization of company resources.

You can achieve optimal resource and material planning through integration with the WinLine ERP system. Seamless and efficient work processes result from the automated flow of data from manufacturing to inventory management and order entry, and furthermore, to accounting, asset management, and cost accounting.

Integration & cost control

Integration with the inventory management module, WinLine ACC2, ensures timely availability of raw materials and semi-finished products. Production job  simulations can generated with a customer offer to analyze different manufacturing cost or completion date scenarios. You can generate production jobs automatically during customer order entry. Resource management tools allow you to determine resource utilization and availability. Effective control instruments provide for friction-free manufacturing processes.

Capacity planning

Use the capacity planning features to schedule manufacturing processes for individual resources (fine planning) or resource group capacity (rough planning). Production jobs can be planned with forward or backward scheduling methods. Material requirement scheduling is automatically adjusted to production job resource scheduling. 

Main Features

  • Discrete, serial and variant manufacturing methods
  • Integration with WinLine ACC2 - coordination with material requirements planning and sales
  • Production job simulation with cost/time optimization (quickest/lowest cost variant)
  • Efficient resource management/capacity optimization
  • Fine and rough planning approaches
  • Forwards/Backwards scheduling
  • Calendar shift, absence times, seasonal scheduling variation
  • Definition and scheduling of resource groups
  • Resource scheduling to the minute
  • Simple configuration of production processes
  • Graphical control panel
  • Manufacturing process acceleration
  • Enablement of cost-effective work processes
  • Graphical reports (resource utilization, production statistics)

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