WinLine COST

Cost accounting

A complete cost accounting is offered for the WinLine FIBU. This is where the data from financial accounting, asset accounting or payroll accounting automatically flow together and thus form the basis for meaningful evaluations.

In cost accounting, you carry out analyzes based on cost types, cost objects and cost centers. You can also make preliminary and final calculations for articles or projects here. So you always have an optimal overview of the cost development. The journal and the cost center sheet are available for checking the running costs. In this way you can see your operating result at a glance, but you can also carry out a cost unit income statement, which clearly shows the profit or loss of the individual cost units.

The extensive statistics section in cost accounting also enables you to compare the budget on the basis of cost centers and cost units. This enables you to identify trends in good time and to take countermeasures immediately if necessary.

Central functions

  • Cost types, cost units, cost centers
  • Pre- and post-calculation
  • Cost allocation procedure
  • Operational accounting sheet
  • Actual costs / planned costs
  • Budget comparison
  • Operating profit
  • Accounting statistics

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