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WinLine Edition 2023

In the sign of
digitalisation, visualisation & transparency.

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The why.

Digitalisation and changing processes in the working world affect every company and play a decisive role in competitiveness.

In order for you to succeed in the digital transformation in your company, we have completely focused on the topics of "digitalisation - visualisation - transparency" for the WinLine Edition 2023.

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Our mission.

As the level of digitalisation increases, more and more data is generated. But what use are these data volumes if they cannot be analysed properly?

WinLine Edition 2023 ensures that you can not only evaluate correlations - even of very complex data structures - but also present them clearly! Graphic visualisations form the basis for well-founded decisions.

This and more is available in the standard

The majority of new functions and optimisations in WinLine are automatically incorporated into the standard WinLine programmes as part of the continuous programme maintenance and further development.

From the more than 200 new functions and optimisations that have found their way into WinLine Edition 2023 to date, we present a few highlights here.

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Import/Export of cockpit widgets

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More comfortable address search

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Storable zoom function

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New features in the workflow editor

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Gamification: Reward & Level System

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Optimised data trend visibility

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Dynamic templates for master data EXIM

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Placeholder for posting texts

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New distribution keys in COST

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KANBAN: Graph. changes to master data

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KANBAN: Control of CRM processes

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Auto-completion for article search

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New possibilities in voucher creation

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Export/Import to storage location posting

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Date of manufacture/expiry for ID arcticles

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Numerous other functions in all parts of WinLine


Work in progress

A little preview of what you can expect next.

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Calculation tool

The hierarchically structured calculation tool is available in WinLine Project Management. Use it to carry out project calculations directly in WinLine and create an offer from these calculations simply by pressing a key.

In combination with the WinLine BI module, you also have the option of displaying your project calculations graphically. 

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Workflow analysis

Structures change over time. This also applies to digitisation processes that you use in your WinLine. Therefore, an efficiency analysis is advisable from time to time.

When carrying out the workflow analysis, you will receive valuable information on whether and at which positions you can optimise processes with regard to critical paths, cost or time input.