Digital archiving

You too can rely on the paperless office, because dispensing with notepads, post, books and notes not only protects your wallet and the environment. It also increases productivity and makes organization in the company easier. Two integrated systems are available in the WinLine for secure document archiving.


With the ARCHIVE I you manage your documents and receipts that have been created internally in the WinLine.


The ARCHIVE II also enables you to archive documents that were created in external systems and imported into the WinLine.Associated processes are combined by linking and bracketing documents. An extensive and automatable keywording ensures that you can find your documents quickly.

Archiving in the WinLine is so easy

Associated processes are bundled by linking and bracketing documents. An extensive and automatable keywording ensures that you can find your documents quickly.

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  • all documents from the WinLine (invoice, reminder, etc.)
  • scanned documents from external sources
  • COLD data archiving
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  • automated run with test centers
  • autom. User information by email or to-do list in the cockpit
  • fixed archiving sequences - freely definable
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  • Keyword assignment for targeted searching / finding
  • autom. Keywords for WinLine documents
  • freely definable search terms
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  • Direct access to documents from the WinLine ARCHIVE
  • Support from ARCHIVE assistant

Use WinLine ARCHIVE for a total solution with auditing compliance

The concept of auditing compliance involves the entire business software system, not just the document management system itself. The auditing compliance of a software solution must always be tested individually for each company to ensure the validity of the all elements involved, i.e., the hardware and software employed, the accompanying technical and organizational workflows of the company, and the quality of data and processes.

WinLine can be configured so that archived documents cannot be deleted or modified, an essential contribution to the creation of an auditing compliant software solution.  Additional measures at the network level and in the entire data processing system are also required, which lay beyond the bounds of WinLine.

To achieve an auditing compliant system, we recommend you have your entire system tested and qualified by a certified auditor.

FAQs on audit-proof document management

"Audit-proof" is a concept that applies in general to electronic document management systems. In such a system, digital data must be stored in accordance with regulatory requirements, i.e., in a systematic, comprehensive, unalterable, and secure manner, with access at all times under controlled conditions. 

WinLine can be configured so that archived documents are stored precisely in conformance with the requirements as defined above. This makes the WinLine ARCHIVE module a crucial component in a comprehensive, audit-proof solution.

Not only the document management system itself, e.g., WinLine ARCHIVE, must meet audit-proof demands. The entire system of hardware and software components, the accompanying technical and organizational measures employed by your company, and the quality of your information and processes play a role in a truly audit-proof, comprehensive solution.

The bottom line: the mere employment of an electronic document management system does not automatically make for an audit-proof environment.  It is one component in a total document storage concept, which consists of a variety of different elements.


No, WinLine ARCHIVE has no such certification, because the GoBD does not recognize certificates issued by third-parties! The following note can be found in Wikipedia on this topic: "General certification of hardware or software products, such as optical storage, does not exist. The GoBD does not recognize third-party certificates."

Various kinds of components must be considered to achieve an audit-proof system. The 10 rules of the VOI e.V. (Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme) for proper storage of digital documents provide a valuable source of orientation.

10 rules of the VOI
(in german language)

Since external documents are processed with WinLine VOUCHER PRO and WinLine CRM, the WinLine ARCHIVE module is an integral part of both modules.  The same audit-proof procedures and processes should therefore be implemented with these modules, as well.

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