System tools

Our system tools are used for the administration and management of the WinLine. And so that you can set up and operate your WinLine exactly as you need it, a large selection of modules is available.

WinLine business SYSTEM and WinLine corporate SYSTEM have a wide range of functions.
These include the application areas of reporting, form design and import and export. Find out what options the system tools offer you and how you can use them optimally for your company.

The WinLine SYSTEM provides you with many helpful tools that will make your daily work even easier.

Features at a glance

  • Comprehensive information system
  • Convenient compilation of lists and evaluations
  • Import / export of master data and documents
  • Document import and export
  • Internal document archiving
  • Create, send and evaluate serial letters / emails (tracking)
  • Creation of interactive websites for data acquisition
  • Individual form design
  • Evaluations in different representations
  • Evaluations based on geographic data
  • complex evaluations during operation without impairments
  • Individual authorization assignment
  • Adaptation of WinLine windows

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