WinLine BOM

Bill of material (BOM) for trade and production

The adminstration of bill of materials in WinLine allows you to map both BOM for trade and BOM for production:

The bill of material for trade combines several items into a new trade item. The finished products are later kept in the statistics, where you can assign batch and serial/identity numbers for the final product as well as for the components in it.

With the help of the bill of material for production, the production process of bills of materials is mapped in WinLine invoicing module. Components that are not in stock for the production of the end product can be ordered directly via the automatic supplier ordering system in WinLine.

Central functions at a glance

  • Combining individual articles into a new article
  • Static evaluations for all articles and article components
  • Assignment of batches, serial numbers and ident numbers for components and final articles
  • Production process for materials management
  • Assembly of articles without WinLine PPS system
  • Connection to supplier ordering in WinLine PROCUREMENT
  • Use of different storage locations possible

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