Supplier ordering system

The purchasing module is all about the right moment. Precise planning is essential for punctual fulfillment of orders. This is where the module for supplier ordering - the WinLine PROCUREMENT - comes into play.

In the WinLine, the purchasing module is initiated from the order confirmation or from production. You can choose whether you want to order an order from your suppliers for a single order (e.g. if the customer order has a very high priority or to keep the stock level low) or whether you want to initiate your supplier orders based on the existing stock levels (e.g. to guarantee constant readiness for delivery).

With this variant, you define a minimum stock level. The program then determines the optimal time to order for the automatic supplier order. However, before you finally place the order, you have the option of manually revising the order proposals. When the goods are delivered later, automatic postings are made for the warehouse as well as for financial accounting and cost accounting in the WinLine.

The WinLine PROCUREMENT offers you an optimal overview of your commissioned, already received and outstanding orders. You can see immediately which deliveries are still outstanding at the agreed delivery time and you can inform your suppliers about the missing goods directly from the program.

Central functions

  • Create and edit order proposals
  • Process supplier orders
  • Create article requirement lists
  • Process supplier deliveries
  • Make reservations
  • Issue supplier backlog lists

More information

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