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WinLine Edition 2024

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Pure digitalisation.

The digitalisation of processes offers great opportunities for companies:

Defy the omnipresent shortage of skilled labour through automated processes. Create a cosy feeling for the greatest possible customer proximity through perfect service. Open up new markets, because geographical boundaries are virtually non-existent in the digital world. Or, or ... the list goes on and on. 

How can WinLine Edition 2024 support you in your digitalisation strategy? We'll show you now!

New features for digitalised work

Always improving - that is our goal. Our focus: our users and their tasks. Here are some examples of what we have implemented in WinLine Edition 2024:

More possibilities in WinLine FORM - Form Designer

You now have even more options when creating html-based, customised forms in WinLine. The integrated Form Designer not only shines with extended design settings, but also offers even more flexible design options for your FORMs with its new layout elements.

In addition, you can now combine individual FORMs into a so-called Multi FORM in order to bundle data entries for related subject areas. Using fleet management as an example, this would mean that, for example, in addition to entering vehicle master data, you can also enter logbooks, damage reports and recurring vehicle costs such as tyre changes and inspections.


More information about WinLine FORM

Extended selection options in the WinLine VIEW 360

Since WinLine Edition 2023, you have been able to use the WinLine VIEW 360 module to display links to WinLine objects very clearly using graphics. With WinLine Edition 2024, the possibilities have been extended by additional objects. In addition to the previous person accounts, articles, projects, representatives, statistics, receipts, archive documents and CRM processes, these new objects can now also be selected:

  • Interested parties
  • Contact persons/contacts

Do you want to view certain visualisations regularly? Then save them as a template and call up the view at any time at the touch of a button. Speaking of viewing: The look and feel of the graphic display has also been updated and is now even more modern and appealing with its 3D effects and a new HTML design.


More information about WinLine VIEW 360

Simple and clear data processing via CRM Kanban

The Kanban view for CRM workflows has been part of WinLine since Edition 2023. Here, a workflow is displayed graphically in its entirety (including all subsequent steps). You can edit your CRM processes extremely conveniently in this clear graphical view.

What's new with WinLine Edition 2024?

  • Automatic data update: Specify whether and at what intervals your CRM Kanban data should be updated.
  • Sorting function in Kanban: Sort the data within your Kanban using filters.
  • Workflow loops: If a workflow step that has already been executed in a CRM process is to be repeated directly, you can initiate this simply by pressing a button.

If you are working with very extensive Kanban outputs, we have integrated additional features in WinLine Edition 2024 that are particularly helpful in this case:

  • The search functions make it easier for you to find a very specific process.
  • The performance mode allows you to work faster, as only the current process is updated.

And what else?

As usual, we have made countless major and minor innovations, optimisations and enhancements across the entire range of our applications. You can look forward to this, among other things:

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Optimized audit analysis

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New administrator options

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Dark design

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New functions in a multi-year comparison

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Extended formula function

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Simplifications in MesoCalc

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New info for XML document import

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Adjustments ATLAS to AES 3.0

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Modernized MesoMail

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Optimization of inventory entry

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Enhanced contract management

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Comprehensive voucher short info

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More convenient order suggestions

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Extended EXIM test mechanisms

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Adjustments in the form editor

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Optimized resource utilization

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New options for payment postings

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New options for displaying OI

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Extended table outputs in accounting

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and more than 100 other functions

Getting started is so easy

Digitalisation does not mean that you have to turn your company completely inside out. Even small steps can lead to measurable success.

Here is a first example:
(video in german language)


Kommen- und Gehen-Zeiten digital erfassen


Of course, there are countless other digitisation measures that can be implemented quickly and easily with the WinLine. We will now introduce you to further ideas:

So, are you curious?

Of course, you can also implement much more complex digitisation projects with WinLine. With the integrated workflow management in WinLine CRM, you can design your own customised processes.

Further information on digitisation with WinLine can be found here:

Digitisation and why it pays off.

Talk to us or your mesonic system house partner. We look forward to developing ideas for your company together.

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