In the WinLine SMART basic module, you record and manage your employees who are to access the individual SMART modules. You can also use the social collaboration tool WinLine SMART SHARE , which supports networked collaboration in teams.

Mobile online data access

The WinLine SMART modules are operated online via the desktop or mobile devices. WinLine SMART also gives employees access to the functionalities of the individual SMART modules who do not have full mobile user access to the WinLine ERP and CRM functionalities.

The WinLine SMART user

  • accesses the WinLine SMART modules online via desktop or mobile devices
  • uses automated WinLine processes, e.g. B. Vacation requests, procurement requests, project time recording, actual time recording (come / go management)
  • is integrated into WinLine SMART SHARE, the internal discussion and communication platform of WinLine
  • receives reading rights, e.g. to the GDPR-relevant information in the WinLine SMART GDPR module

General functions

  • Scale-based user concept
  • integrated employee master management
  • Integrated social collaboration tool with chat function as an internal communication platform
  • Videoconferencing tool
  • Complete recording of working hours (PC or mobile)
  • Vacation and absence management
  • Creation of individual workflows / work processes
  • legally compliant management of personal data in accordance with GDPR
  • Product and document management system
  • automated processing of procurement applications
  • implemented gamification concepts

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