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WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12

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Even more digital.

The business world is becoming more and more digital. Particularly in recent months, digitalisation in companies has received an enormous boost. And the trend is still rising!

Digitisation is therefore also a focus of WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12. For example, with the development of the new graphical workflow editor, with which you can set up linear and networked processes in your company yourself - without any programming knowledge! This makes process digitisation suddenly very simple.



Even faster.

Short response times are an absolute must these days. We have further optimised the performance of WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12 so that you can access your information, data and evaluations even faster.

One area where we have made significant changes is in the master data. With this release, they can be used independently of the financial year - for smaller data volumes and greater speed.



Even simpler.

Intuitive and thus user-friendly operation - a requirement that today's users place on modern business software. "Keep it simple" is therefore the guideline we follow in the development of our programmes.

In WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12 we have once again extended numerous evaluation options in our programmes. With the redesign of further programme areas, they are even clearer, more flexible and, above all, specifically tailored to mobile working.

Innovations within the scope of software maintenance

With each new release, WinLine becomes even better for you. Whether it's background processes that improve performance, existing functions that are expanded or optimised, or completely new features - our goal is for you to work even more efficiently and with even more fun in WinLine.

We make many innovations in our programmes available to you within the framework of software maintenance.
You can find an excerpt for WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12 here.

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Automated business processes with workflows

Workflow management is the heart of our WinLine CRM. With this tool you create automatically running work processes that you set up specifically for your company and for your individual workflows.

To make the design of workflows even easier for you, we provide you with a new graphical workflow editor. Here you have a complete overview of all steps within your workflow and can move sub-steps simply by dragging and dropping. A very clear and simple way of creating and editing workflows. By the way, you can also import/export existing workflows.

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Enhancements in the WinLine SMART modules

The extensive range of our WinLine SMART modules also gets an update. Find out here about the various functions and extensions for these areas:

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By further optimising the performance, WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12 is even faster than the previous version. For the first time, this release offers the possibility to create master data only once and to use it across all financial years.

With this data model, the amount of data in the database is significantly reduced, so that the processing speed of WinLine is significantly increased.

The advantages at a glance:

  •     Significant improvement in the processing speed of WinLine
  •     Reduced data maintenance effort
  •     Simplified year change
  •     Reduced amount of data on the server and thus faster data backups
  •     Prevention of new investments in the existing hardware landscape or the server-side licence structure

WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12 offers a lot of highlights. Sometimes they are just minor changes, but sometimes they are major features or optimisations that we have made - across all programme areas of WinLine.

But the innovations all have one thing in common: they are intended to make working in our programmes even easier, more intuitive and more comfortable for you as a user.

Discover the new features, highlights and functions in the latest WinLine release now!

New modules in WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12

WinLine Edition 2022 - Version 12
Coming next

What other innovations are planned for WinLine?
Here we present a small selection of upcoming functions. You can be curious!

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Survey tool "FORMS

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Kanban interactive

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Redesign Gantt charts

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and much more ...